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Carbon Provenance
The future of nature based investment

Discover authenticated carbon reduction projects, accessed through a transparent, trusted platform. 


We’re changing the way the world thinks about nature based investment

Carbon Provenance is committed to transparency, traceability and accountability, ensuring that our credits are verified by third-party certification standards. We believe that the power of technology can help us create a more sustainable world.


90% of carbon credits are bought in the Global North, 90% of potential natural climate solutions are located in the Global South. 

Carbon Provenance simplifies the current over complex market providing the mechanism to connect the funding of credits and delivery projects.

The end goal is to provide a currency based on quality assured, and verifiable credits.

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We deliver exceptional products and services to help you achieve your carbon reduction goals.



Our carbon credits are sourced from projects that meet the highest standards of environmental integrity and social responsibility. We provide a range of credit types including renewable energy, forestry, and energy efficiency.



We provide a transparent and traceable way to account for your carbon emissions and reductions. Our platform allows you to track the carbon credits you purchase and retire, providing a clear audit trail for your carbon footprint.


Our innovative technology enables the seamless buying and selling of carbon credits, making it easy for businesses and individuals to participate in the carbon market. We use blockchain technology to ensure the integrity and security of our transactions.



A new way to take action on climate change.

Carbon Provenance is leading the way in creating a global carbon market that is transparent, efficient, and accessible to all. We are committed to making a positive impact on the environment and society, and we believe that carbon credits are a powerful tool to achieve that goal. Join us today and be a part of the solution.

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